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2020 Vision - Facing Our Shadows

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You don’t need to be into numerology nor astrology to know that 2020 is going to be an interesting year.

We’ve also just moved into the Chinese New Year of the Rat, which is all about the falling away of old structures to make way for the new. If you’ve got that gut feeling, a deep inner knowing… a premonition even, that the other shoe is about to drop… you are not alone.

Something is stirring deep inside every one of us, and depending on where you are on your life’s journey, it can feel either very exhilarating or quite disconcerting. Creation comes out of chaos, and change is the only constant in the Universe. So whatever is holding us back is rising up out of the shadows of the subconscious in our personal lives, and through the collective unconscious on the regional, national and world stages.

Once a lesson, i.e. challenging situation, has been acknowledged and then understood through compassion and forgiveness, it can be released and healed. We thus gain 20/20 vision or insight and can move forward to consciously create what we wish to experience — in line with our purpose and our passions — instead of unconsciously creating more of what we don’t want out of our fears, doubts, outdated beliefs and programming.

The Age of Aquarius is upon us, and as an airy-fairy, peace and love, Aquarian myself (born on Groundhog Day) I believe the time has come to wake up, to emerge out of our burrows, to face our shadows, and to shine our light!

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