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First Time On Earth (Part 2)

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In the first part of Gabriel's* QHHT® regression session, I found myself conversing with a synthetic being, a specialist in virtual genetics and leader of a team of similar beings working in a spaceship above planet Earth. Their mission was to repair the damage caused when humans began detonating nuclear bombs in the mid-20th century.

This session has parallels and similarities with those reported by Dolores Cannon in The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth, and some of her other books. What’s interesting is that my client knew nothing about Cannon's work and the volunteer phenomenon. However, he too chose to incarnate on Earth to help raise the vibrational frequency of human consciousness in the hope of avoiding the destruction of the planet and the consequences that would ensue.

Here in Part 2, we discover that the synthetic being working in the spaceship is actually Gabriel’s own subconscious or Higher Self.

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*The client’s name has been changed in order to respect his privacy. I share the excerpts with his permission. This session was conducted in French, which I translated into English from the transcript of the audio recording. I also reorganized some of the material to make the story easier to follow.

Excerpts from Gabriel's QHHT® Session - Part 2

R: Why did you choose to come down?

G: (Still emotional, tremolo in his voice) Alternatively, it's an option, a unique option to go and fix what's going on. It's a subtle means of intervention.

R: From your spaceship, you are able to incarnate on Earth?

G: Yes. We can come and go, as we want, in corporeal vehicles. But now, I’m here, stuck [on Earth], until I die.

R: Are you saying that your consciousness is incarnated in the physical body of Gabriel, the one we're talking to right now? (Yes.) When did you arrive in this physical body?

G: At birth... a little before... it was "pre-chosen.”

R: When did you decide to incarnate on Earth?

G: When we concluded that it was necessary to intervene in this way.

R: Why did you have to intervene? Did you have the choice to come or not to come, or...?

G: It's like a dirty job that you don't want to do, but you do it anyway.

R: Did your consciousness leave the spaceship completely? Is it all here? Or is there still a part of you on the ship?

G: I can see both. I can go from one to the other.

R: The [synthetic] body with the uniform... is it there [on the ship] watching us in 2019?

G: No, no. I'm in Gabriel.

R: What's going on with your body on the spaceship?

G: On hold.

R: What do you mean by that?

G: On hold. It's like a synthetic body.

R: Can you go back into that body at some point?

G: I don't have that ability now, but I hope to eventually.

R: Right now, that body, it’s not alive? You're not working...

G: No, it’s inert. I work in Gabriel.


Why Was He Born in New Brunswick?

In his list of questions, Gabriel wanted to know why he was born in a small rural community in the province of New Brunswick on Canada’s East Coast. He also wanted to know whether he chose his parents. According to Dolores Cannon, volunteers often feel out of place in their families and communities. They have difficulty understanding human behaviour and often seek to escape their reality.

This is exactly what Gabriel shared with me in the interview portion of his session.

R: Why choose a vehicle from an Acadian and francophone genetic line in North America? Would it have made a difference if you had incarnated in a Hindu or Aboriginal body?

G: No, they’re quite similar. It's about consciousness. It's the relationship between genetics and consciousness.

G: Parents were not a primary factor.

R: What was the important factor?

G: Geography. (Why?) Because, basically, there are many of us, and we are dispersed...

R: Are there others [from your team] who are here at the same time as you? (Many) How many people on that ship?

G: Hundreds.

R: You said it was about geographical location?

G: This kind of intervention was required, everywhere. And this is where I happen to be. And, often, that's what stops me, to flee my situation, to go and see if it's better somewhere else... Norway or Costa Rica. But my role is here... I cannot abandon this place.

R: Why not?

G: Like everywhere else.

R: Is there a specific reason for this geographical region? You said there were others...

G: Well, there are several of us doing similar missions, if you will. It's a group effort, but we don't necessarily know each other. But I think it would be really fun to get to know each other... and to connect (becoming emotional).

R: Are there others from your ship, here? (Yes) Are they in New Brunswick?

G: Here and there.

R: What do you mean? All over the planet?

G: Every continent.

First Time on Earth

R: When Gabriel was young, he said he didn't feel at ease or that he fit it. Is this related to ... (Yes) And so, the soul or the entity that is in Gabriel, at the moment, he’s never incarnated on Earth before? (No)This is the first time he's come to Earth? (Yes.) Is it easy?

G: No. It's one of the worst lives...

R: Did you expect this before you came?

G: Yeah. We're all brave as hell... (He says this with a slightly exasperated laugh.)

R: But you didn't have to come...

G: No, but we're fucking brave ... (He says this brazenly.)

R: But you've incarnated in a body before?

G: There are much better bodies than this one. My synthetic body, up there...

R: It’s better than this?

G: Yes. The thing is... it's not self-replicating. You have to design it, whereas on Earth, bodies are self-replicating. It creates vessels [bodies]. Vessels into which we can incarnate. There are lots of souls... there are lots of individual parts that wish to incarnate. And so, we try to make it a little bit more... of an enjoyable experience. It's like we can have different qualities in different bodies. Some are more desirable, or enjoyable, to live in.

R: The body you chose, or rather the genetic line of Gabriel's family... Is there a reason why you choose to incarnate in this body?

G: You can’t play around with the genetics too much, because it would be detected.

R: What do you mean?

G: Well, in our ships we can change it [the genetics], a little, but subtly. If not, it could create big problems.

R: Is it easy [to be] in Gabriel's body?

G: No, it's hard. It's hard, but it's good. He's doing well.

R: But for him, on the level of his consciousness... he said he was born in the boonies where people were less awake than he was.

G: It's the genetics that allows information to filter in.

R: Is his body genetically different from that of his parents?

G: Subtly. (Why?) Because of the work we do in our ships.

Reasons for Genetic Manipulation

R: Even though he has the same DNA as both his parents? I'm trying to figure this out. The body you're in right now, it’s different?

G: Slightly. Subtle [genetic] manipulations. Nothing considerable, because that could create problems… but subtle modifications that allow for better reception. You know, like antennas… if you look at genetics as antennas.

R: It’s important to have these antennas?

G: Because it's our relationship with the Universe.

R: Why is it important to have a relationship with the Universe?

G: Because we can get lost, not knowing where we come from.

R: This is what Gabriel wanted to know... where he comes from. That's one of his questions.

G: We all come from Source.

R: Yes, of course. But he has a great curiosity...

G: This curiosity can be tricky. It's natural. It's good. It can be tricky, because it doesn't develop. It's too present, in the sense that people ignore it too much. There have been genetic manipulations, before we came here, that were very deplorable or immoral. Opposing forces to our work ... it’s created a hell of a mess.

R: That's one of the reasons you came here to make repairs? (Yes) You said that they were here even before the atomic bombs ...

G: Yes. They [the opposing forces] were here before us...

R: Are there any laws? How does it work?

G: Complex. Very complex. Influence. Spheres of influence, but there are many levels of influence. (He sighs heavily.)


Who Am I Talking With?

In a typical regression, the first half is spent exploring another life. The practitioner then calls forth the client’s subconscious (or what Dolores called the subconscious), which represents the Higher Self. This is the part that has all the information about everything that has happened to the person in this life, and in all the lives they have lived. We always ask permission to ask questions.

The objective is to contextualize what we've just explored, and find the answers to the client's list of questions to help them in the best possible way. In this case (as in several other cases I’ve encountered that fit the volunteer phenomenon), the being I was talking to had already begun to reveal information about Gabriel's present life.

R: I’m curious… am I already talking to Gabriel's subconscious? (Yes.) Is there a deeper level that we can contact to ask questions?

G: There is Source, but it's less personal.

R: So is it okay if I ask, you, the questions?

G: Yes.


Not Easy Being in a Human Body

Included in his long list of questions, Gabriel wanted to know why his previous attempts at hypnosis, with various professionals over the past year, had not worked.

G: Curve balls. Synchronicity. Not everything is within Gabriel's sphere of control. He exists in a state of ... a fluid state. He still has a certain control over his actions, his own sphere of influence, if you will. But it’s minimal in the overall scheme of things.

R: And how does he feel about that? [His sphere of control being minimized here on Earth].

G: Disgusted, disappointed.

R: He thought he could do more? (Yes.) But you knew that humans have limitations?

G: Yes, but... there's always the hope of connecting through genetics. But there's pollution in the environment... all kinds of pollution that wasn't necessarily foreseen at the time the decision to incarnation was made. Pollution, which interferes with the ability to do the work.

R: It's a more difficult mission than you thought?

G: It's going OK.

R: It’s going well now? (Yes) And in relation to this vision he had [during one of the failed hypnosis sessions]: "An urban springtime, blossoming with psychic technologies.” What was that about?

G: That's what's coming.

R: What do you mean?

G: It's coming. It's about potential changes, which we are trying to maximize or rather to potentiate. It's like a key memory that should be used as a focal point or a guideline or … rather something to be encouraged. A preferred course of action.

R: It's like a symbol?

G: Yes.

Original Mission: To Preserve Opportunities for Incarnation

R: The [genetic] problems caused by nuclear bombs... are those fixed?

G: Most of them ... but not all. There are still traces in the environment.

R: Are there still people working on this? (Yes.) Why did you come to help planet Earth?

G: Too precious. We have to preserve opportunities for incarnation. (Why?)

G: As each fruit seeks to be picked, each body has potential. Countless souls are ready to incarnate. It is a sought-after potential.

R: So, not all souls can incarnate?

G: There is a limited quantity of opportunities, of human bodies... vessels, in which to incarnate.

R: Earth is the only place where you can do this [incarnate]? Or is there somewhere else?

G: You can do this everywhere.

Maximum of Incarnated Souls on Earth

R: So why is it important to preserve Earth, this big rock, lost in the far reaches of space?

G: No. No. It's a gem with a lot of potential for incarnations. This potential for physical incarnation increases the potential for Source to experience matter.

R: Now there are more than 7 billion bodies, vehicles, on planet Earth... but a few thousand years ago, the potential was much smaller.

G: These “potentials” have attracted a lot of attention here... and some [souls] come just to observe.

R: But 7 billion, that’s a lot of people. A lot of souls.

G: No, it’s not a lot.

R: But can the ecology of the planet support this? Because, now, we're experiencing climate change.

G: This is why it's important to fix the situation; otherwise the potential [to incarnate] will decrease. The potential must be preserved.

R: What is the maximum?

G: There is no maximum. It's much bigger than you can imagine.

R: There could be more than 7 billion people incarnated on planet Earth?

G: Theoretically, hundreds of billions. But it all depends on the relationship with the environment. If the human presence is detrimental to planet Earth, to the ecology, then no… not that many.

R: Because right now, humans aren't doing much to help the planet.

G: There are many worlds that don’t have as much biodiversity, but still have life. Conscious, intelligent life, with incarnations and free will. We are lucky [here] and vulnerable at the same time because of the rich biodiversity. There’s also the influence, with varied and multiple interference [by ET/visitors] that have come here to either create havoc or do good deeds.


Double Mission: it’s all about DNA

This isn't the first time I've had a conversation with an alien during a regression with a client. Having read Dolores's books and with my experience as a practitioner, I know that there is much to understand about UFOs beyond the stories of abduction as conveyed in our popular culture.

So, I attempted to clarify the connection between Gabriel's mission, incarnated here on Earth, and his mission as the being with a synthetic body working on the spacecraft.

R: Is there anything else Gabriel needs to know about his mission on Earth?

G: Tap into it. Connection with the knowledge (he sighs). Connection with the ship, the database, the consciousness, Source, others. Information flows... the essence... grab on to it. (Another sigh.) Grabbing information … like... much information is flowing. Genes, they’re like antennas. If you're tuned in, you're going to receive it, and then you can retrieve useful information that can be used for bio-regeneration, bio-construction, to construct life.

What Is a Synthetic Body?

R: When you talk about a synthetic body, and then about a soul in a synthetic body, are you talking about artificial intelligence mixed with the spiritual? I am trying to understand. What is a synthetic body, exactly?

G: Source divided itself, and within these divisions are creative spheres. In each of these creative spheres, there is potential for creation. There was collaboration, a co-creation, among many individualized parts to co-create an environment that we are going to call our Universe. These individualized part of Source have sought to insert themselves even more deeply into matter. To achieve this, it was necessary to generate good conditions, which the Ummites define as « man’s third factor.” It is the creation of bodies in which to incarnate. This automated process was created with biotechnology, so that life uses the materials of its environment to create bodies into which the individualized parts can incarnate. But these bodies do not have to be the result of a programmed genetic self-creation. They can come from a much simpler work.

R: You said that Gabriel's soul— which was in a synthetic body on the spacecraft— was able to put that body aside. And the body is still there, but inoperative... and that the soul has entered a biological body? (Yes) But the [synthetic] body on the spacecraft was not created by sexual mating.

G: No. That was a mechanical creation... like making shoes.

R: There are a lot of people on Earth afraid of artificial intelligence. Afraid that artificial intelligence might take over.

G: In the right hands, there is no problem.

R: But as you said earlier, human bodies are prized on planet Earth. What's the advantage of being incarnated on Earth, compared to being incarnated in a [synthetic] body like the one on the spaceship?

G: There are advantages and disadvantages. Synthetic bodies don't need sexuality, or even want sexuality... because they don't have biochemical needs. But biochemical needs can be appeased with a certain degree of satisfaction, which is quite understandable and pleasurable.

R: Do synthetic bodies need energy to survive? Here, you have to eat food...

G: No. It's different and not the way we understand it biologically. It's more like a self-contained mechanical system.

R: Can synthetic bodies mate with biological bodies?

G: No. It's like a tree with a dog. It doesn't work.


Contact and Experiments

Gabriel had a question about a weird dream he’d experienced of two human-looking aliens, one male and one female, who came to talk to him in the gazebo behind his house. Among other things, they offered him a sexual coupling. Gabriel wanted to know if this really happened or if it was just a dream.

R: What is the meaning of this dream?

G: Acceptance... or the opening of a possibility. Opening his consciousness to the possibility that biological bodies can be augmented by genetic manipulation. It's done in different ways. Sometimes it's voluntary, sometimes not. In my group, we try to respect everyone's free will. It's done voluntarily, with approval.

R: Are you saying that Gabriel, at the moment, is being observed [in the sense of scientific monitoring] by his spaceship? (Yes) This was already planned? He knew when he was coming, that he was going to be observed. (Yes) Are you doing experiments on Gabriel's [body]?

G: Of various kinds, yes. Data is data. A lot of analysis can be done.

R: But it's done respectfully?

G: Yes, although it doesn't mean that it’s without consequences for Gabriel.

R: They're experiments, so sometimes they'll try something, but they don't really know...

G: Well, it can cause discomfort, but that doesn't mean it's necessarily harmful.

R: Isn't it dangerous? They won't put his body in danger?

G: No. Well, a body is just a body. It still has value ...

R: Anything else he needs to understand about this dream?

G: Uh-huh. That the hybridization program is much larger than you can imagine.

R: What do you mean by hybridization program?

G: I can only tell you about my group... but I know there are other groups.

Raising the Vibration

R: And your group... what’s your hybridization program about?

G: Genes that would have been turned off in the past can be turned on again... by different methods. We think that the energy wave allows, among other things, to reactivate that to a certain extent as well.

R: What do you mean by the energy wave?

G: Everyone vibrates... and together we have a resulting vibration.

R: Are you talking about humans on Earth?

G: Yes. And this resulting vibration has a feedback effect on the whole.

R: Like a feedback loop?

G: Yes, like harmonization. And the harmonies, they amplify, amplify, amplify; and this amplification can allow a reactivation of genes that have been affected in the past by other genetic manipulations that were detrimental to human development.

R: If the vibrational frequency, at the genetic level, of some humans on Earth... I'm trying to understand... vibrates at a higher level... does that have an impact on others around them? Does it help them to raise their vibrations as well?

G: Yes, the resonance effect. The higher it vibrates, the higher it will vibrate.

Project Update - Incarnation Into Human Bodies

R: OK. Has this experiment been going on for a long time?

G: Yes... It's going well.

R: When you arrived [in the middle of the 20th century]... is that when your project started?

G: For us, yes. I can't speak for the others.

R: And some people on your spaceship incarnated into a human body to facilitate this process?

G: To energize, to catalyze.

R: And is it working?

G: It seems to be, yes.

R: Gabriel came in the mid-80s. Did some [from your spaceship] come before that?

G: Yes. There were a lot of tests. Some were bungled, so to speak.

R: You’d done a few tests before?

G: It didn't always go well...

R: Then you made adjustments? (Yes) Did others come down at the same time as Gabriel?

G: Not necessarily at the same time, but, here and there, incrementally …

R: I'm trying to understand... you fixed the bugs, and then you sent more people?

G: It's an incremental process ... it's not a mass migration, necessarily. The more it progresses, the more interesting it is to progress further.

R: It isn’t over? There are others from your ship, which continue to incarnate? (Yes) And they incarnate into little babies? Like Gabriel...

G: Uh-huh. It's a bit like leukemia. We filter the blood with new blood. Same thing.

Process of Incarnating on Earth

R: You said there are many souls who want to incarnate on Earth. Do they have to line up to get a body?

G: There is a certain form of competition, kind of like for a scholarship. It's an opportunity based on several parameters/criteria.

R: Is there a waiting list?

G: Yes, but outside of time. Because time has value only for those individualized parts, separated from Source, that have incarnated into the physical world. Other than that, time is relative. But is there a waiting list? In a way, yes, but not really.

R: But, you have to wait your turn? I'm trying to figure out how it works...

G: Let's say there are thousands, millions, of potential candidates. Only one will be chosen or have the chance...

R: One in a million?

G: That's an arbitrary number. The number of souls ready to incarnate is so much greater than the number of bodies/vessels available.

R: Under which criteria was Gabriel able to get access to a body?

G: There's a whole industry behind this.

R: An industry?

G: "Uh-huh.” It’s like promoting an "all-inclusive holiday resort"… Come to Earth, or come here, or come there... well, we have bodies with such and such qualities, or these sensory capacities, or these psychic abilities, blah, blah, blah, blah…

R: It's like an auction, or?

G: Kind of... but... not all races are involved in this type of… trade.

R: Trade? Do you have to pay?

G: Not my group, uh ... But there are some you could call malevolent, who forcibly manage and control human beings. There is some slavery as well.

R: But, did Gabriel go through the formal channels, in the correct way? Or did he bypass the system?

G: Our system takes precedence over this group of scumbags ... this group of scumbags... that’s what we’ll call them. Let us say, they've had…free rein on Earth for a long time. And they profited from it, but it's over now because we've arrived. They’re not allowed to do that... or rather, it's so immoral that we will not allow it.

R: So they broke some rules and now they get thrown out of the schoolyard?

G: No ... well, yes. But there aren’t rules and a schoolyard, per se. It's a natural mechanism. Nature has its laws, its mechanisms, which allow the incarnation of souls into bodies, into vessels. There may be technology attached to this ... that we possess. But that doesn't mean it's always used in the same way. And so, these groups misuse it to trap individuals in an incarnation loop. They exploit the suffering of these individuals. Their creative power is hijacked to serve those who hijack, to the detriment of those who are hijacked. It is a mechanism that has been fuelled by "service to self" egoism. And between certain factions they’ve developed…one could say ... a network for the exchange of information, resources, and opportunities.

R: So why is it that your group can [incarnate here] now?

G: OK. There are several criteria that allow you to incarnate in spite of the whole competition. Let’s say one soul is selected … you need permission. OK. Earlier, I was saying that there’s a whole hierarchy in this co-creation. One sphere fits into another. One sphere fits into another. One sphere fits into another. There are castes, classes of entities. So, there are classes of entities, which one could say are, nobler. Example: I create in my sphere of reality, a Universe.

R: So you are the creator of this Universe? Are we talking hypothetically?

G: Yes. Hypothetically. This is my Universe. One. And I am sovereign in this reality. In order to co-create, you have to merge... you have to join two spheres together. This is co-creation … so that both can contemplate the fruits of each other’s creation, and therefore enjoy the experience that the other has to offer us, and vice versa. OK. And there is mutual agreement. And the mutual agreements... when there are many of us… are hierarchical. One arrived before the other and after the other, and one inserted itself into the other, and one inserted itself into the other... So, a type of hierarchy was set up according to the order of the agreements in the co-creation; hence, a certain overriding capacity to incarnate in this body or another. And so, we arrived here with superior privileges.

R: You outrank them?

G: Yes. In terms of the laws of the Universe, we take precedence over them. And so, we come to try to dilute their misdeeds by incarnating.


Parting Message

We were going over the time normally allotted for the regression, and there were still unanswered questions on Gabriel's list regarding his personal relationships and career plans. Since the comfort and well-being of the client is always my priority, I asked the subconscious several times if it was OK to continue. It always agreed. Once all the questions were answered, I asked if there was anything else Gabriel needed to know before closing the session.

G: Efforts must be multiplied to prepare [human] consciences for contact with the great community of intelligent life, and all the complexities that go with it. Complexity of conceptualization concerning: What is life? What is consciousness? What is memory and what is time? What is energy? What is genetics? What is communication? What is all this? Humanity has been kept in ignorance for a long time...and humanity is on the threshold of, forcefully, embracing a greater understanding of it all.

A: Does Gabriel have a role to play, in 3D, with this?

C: Yes. To carry the message, loudly and clearly.


I thanked Gabriel’s subconscious/Higher Self, for all the information it shared with us today. I then followed Dolores’s protocol for bringing the client out of hypnosis. He was a bit stunned when I told him that the regression had lasted just over three hours, because for him the time had passed much more quickly. He said he believed he’d been conscious throughout and remembered almost everything.

But, just like a dream that you remember when you wake up, the information tends to quickly dissipate. The next evening, after listening to the recording of his regression, he sent me an e-mail to tell me that, indeed, he could not remember 85% of what had happened!


In December 2019, almost a year after his session, I was happily surprised to receive another message from Gabriel.

"Hello Renee!!! I'm so grateful to have spent time in your office last winter. I am still integrating the sum of what we discovered together." He then tells me that he’s been working on a few projects following the advice his subconscious gave him about his mission, and to carry the message loudly and clearly. He continues: "I believe that 2020 is going to be a very exciting year for people like us, who are anticipating and leading these great changes! So glad to touch base with you again! »

We messaged back a few times, and I got more details about his project. This is what prompted me to help him spread his message, by sharing these excerpts from his session in my blog.

For more information about Dolores Cannon and her unique regression and quantum self-healing technique, CLICK HERE.

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