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Who Was Driving the Car?

A QHHT Session Story

We are never alone. Whether it’s our higher self, a spirit guide or a guardian angel, someone is always looking out for us. As Dolores Cannon discovered during more than 40 years of practising hypnotic regressions… if something happens that isn’t part of our life’s plan, our guidance team is allowed to intervene.

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During a QHHT session this past fall, my client had a question about an incident that happened to her a few years ago. She was involved in a car accident, which had the potential of being much more serious than it turned out to be.

« Who was driving the car? » was part of the list of questions she had prepared for her session. Even though several years had passed since the accident, it still bothered her. She still had no idea how she’d been able to retake control of her vehicle. She’d told herself it must have been a guardian angel, but she wanted to know more about what happened on that day.

Driving alone in the late afternoon on a four-lane highway, my client was surprised by a sudden downpour. Within a matter of seconds a lot of water had accumulated on the road, and the car started hydroplaning. She was able to steer back on course for a quick recovery, but a few seconds later started losing control once again. The cruise control mechanism was on, and she knew that hitting the brakes would make it worse.

She switched off the cruise button instead, but the drop in speed happened too quickly and the car suddenly started spinning out of control in the middle of the two lanes! Her mind started spinning, almost as fast as the car. As far as she knew, there were no other vehicles in her immediate vicinity, but she was worried. She’d recently passed a couple of motorcycles and a semi-transport truck.

At one point after several more 360-degree spins, she felt that she was no longer driving the vehicle, that somebody else—someone who was handling the wet slippery pavement like an Indy race car driver—had taken control of the steering wheel.

The car eventually came to a full stop after gently bumping into a guardrail on the right side of the highway. My client experienced a lot of fear, but no injuries. She was facing in the right direction, out of harm’s way, and without too much visible damage to the car, but it was declared a total loss. The impact had damaged the internal computer.

The Subconscious Mind Records Everything

Everything that happens in our life is recorded at a subconscious level. So whether it’s something from this life or a past, future or parallel life, it can be accessed through an altered state of consciousness, such as hypnotic regression.

During a QHHT session, as developed and taught by Dolores Cannon, the higher self will never give the client information unless it knows that he or she is ready to hear it.

Sometimes, if information is not forthcoming, it’s because the client’s conscious mind is blocking it out of fear or self-protection.

Well, on this day, the answer my client received came as a complete surprise. Her higher self told her that the one who was driving the car was an uncle she’d never had the opportunity to know. He was her mother’s brother. They had been really close, but he died in a motor vehicle accident when he was in his early twenties. On the day of my client’s accident, her uncle chose to step in because he didn’t want his sister— who had been devastated by his death — to go through the trauma all over again by losing her daughter in the same way.

When I asked if he was still with her now, her higher self answered that he comes and goes. That he acts as a guide or guardian angel when he is called to do so. Because everything happens for a reason, and there are no “accidents” I then asked why she experienced that particular accident. The answer was that at the time, she needed to appreciate her life more. That she needed to realise that “things, are things, and there will always be enough money,” and that “living life was more important than worrying about material things.”

At the time of her accident, although she was making enough money, my client was worried about making her mortgage payments. As it turned out, because of the accident she also had to buy a new car. Everything worked itself out in the end, and she was able to do both without any problems. Each and every experience holds lessons. And so, with this one she learned that no matter what happens, she will always have enough money… and, that there is always someone watching over her.


For more information about the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, developed by Dolores Cannon, or to book an appointment with me, visit the YOUR SESSION page.

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Renée Morel, QHHT Level 2 Practitioner

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